While most of our installations are in the Upper Midwest, our aluminum awnings have been installed in Florida, California, Maine, and UP of Michigan. That means we have snow load, hurricane, and seismic engineering done for our product.

We are a job shop and have the ability to paint, anodize, or powder coat to just about any color. If you send us a sample of a color there is a high likely hood we can match it. See our COLOR CHART page for more information.

Several Things – we use aviation grade aluminum tube to give our product superior strength and a classic look. We have an internal drainage system that can shed water in any direction, we have NO visible fasteners to give our products a clean crisp look. They will literally last a lifetime.

409 Wisconsin Avenue South Frederic, Wisconsin 54937

We do not supply nor install lights, however, if we are provided with the specifications for the light(s) then we can cut the proper hole in the desired location(s).

Our products are project based and made in house. Each canopy is designed and built custom. Email with questions you might have on turn around and we would be happy to assist.

Our products have no exposed brackets or fasteners. 

We only work with Aluminum.

No, we are non-Union.

Our products offer a patented drainage system where downspouts are not necessary. However, if the customer wants downspouts they are an option. 

We can manufacture any length canopy.

One optional service that we offer is third party engineering. Our systems are manufactured for high winds and snow loads. 

Have a question that is not listed? Email us at