D8 Products holds several patents, and our products are engineered. Every canopy is custom-made with high-quality architectural aluminum. That means stronger systems that will look good for years to come. A dedicated design team is ready to work with you to achieve your dream designs! As an international provider, with over a decade of experience, our team is uniquely experienced in handling all pressures mother nature can put on our products. 


     Unlike our competitors, D8 Products keeps an inventory of our raw materials. This greatly reduces our lead times. We are ready to build! High-quality work is important to D8 Products, so we only use premium materials and manufacturing techniques. When you choose a powder coating finish, we can do it ourselves. Powder-coated canopies don’t leave our shop until we put them on your building. This way we control the quality of our product, from design to installation. 


     Every canopy is shipped ready for installation, no onsite assembly is required! Our dedicated installation team can quickly and precisely install our products for you. If you’d rather do it yourself, we can provide an onsite supervisor to help your installers with quality control. We have many installation options so your D8 Products canopies arrive on site in the same high-quality condition they left our shop.