409 S Wisconsin Ave, Frederic, WI 54837, USA

(715) 327-4660

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Q: What is your service area?

A: While most of our installations are in the Upper Midwest, our aluminum awnings have been installed in Florida, California, Maine, and UP of Michigan. That means we have snow load, hurricane, and seismic engineering done for our product.

Q: What colors does your product come in?

A: We are a job shop and have the ability to paint, anodize, or powder coat to just about any color. If you send us a sample of a color there is a high likely hood we can match it.

Q: What makes your product different?

A: Several Things - we use aviation grade aluminum tube to give our product superior strength and a classic look. We have an internal drainage system that can shed water in any direction, we have NO visible fasteners to give our products a clean crisp look. They will literally last a lifetime.